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In Burundi, the AVEC approach (Associations Villageoises d'Epargnes et de Crédits in French known as VSLAs (Village Savings and Loans Associations in English) was inspired by the traditional practice of tontines. This approach allows the accumulation of funds , gives interest on savings, and allows access to credit to several members at the same time.

The AVEC puts an emphasis on the organizational and democratic development of an association, which the tontine does not normally do. It is an approach that is appreciated in the country and the Government of Burundi in collaboration with CARE International has decided to make it a National approach because it is adapted to the local context and to the different projects according to the objectives of the members.

The village savings and credit system is based on a basic principle: a VSLA savings and credit group, and is formed by members who decide on their own to get together to save their money in the form of shares. . This savings is collected in a credit fund which allows them to borrow sums which they repay and to which interest is added. A AVEC group is made up of 15 to 30 members.

angle-left Association of Women Repatriated from Burundi (AFRABU)


The Association of Repatriated Women from Burundi (AFRABU) is a non-profit association initiated since 2002 by repatriated women. This organization is established in 17 provinces of Burundi and has actions which go up to the regional level. AFRABU's mission is to improve the reception conditions and socio-economic reintegration of returnees, internally displaced persons and ex-combatants; especially women and girls from Burundi. One of the objectives of the organization is to reduce or alleviate poverty through entrepreneurial actions, income-generating activities that can facilitate the empowerment of women and girls.

Types of services offered by AFRABU

1. Entrepreneurship Training

1. Project Management Training

2. Credit Management Training

3. Training on the Culture of Savings

4. Business Plan Training

5. Training in Cooperative Management

6. Training on OBR reporting procedures

Registration requirements for members who wish to benefit from the services of AFRABU

  • The members must be grouped in an association or a cooperative;
  • Present bankable projects;
  • Open accounts
  • Have management committees

Additional services useful to women entrepreneurs

  • ICT training
  • Environmental protection training
  • Training on tax laws and obligations

Events organized by AFRABU

Raising awareness and organizing into groups

Online training resources

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Contact information

Association of Women Repatriated from Burundi (AFRABU)
France Avenue N03
Phone: +25 72 2277711
Email: afrabu2014@gmail.com/afrabu@yahoo.fr
Website: www.afrabu.org

Contact person:
Manirakiza Godelieve,
Legal Representative
Phone: +257 79 962383
+257 69 990827
Email: godemanira@gmail.com