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Treaties and Conventions to which Kenya is a signatory:

  • COMESA Treaty
  • East Africa Community Monetary Union Protocol
  • East Africa Community Common Market
  • Agreement on the World Trade Organisation
  • Agreement on the International Monetary Protocol


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Old Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue
P.O Box 30551 – 00100 G.P.O
Tel: +254 20 3318888
Email: info@mfa.go.ke
Website: www.mfa.go.ke

The responsibility for concluding treaties involving the Republic of Kenya lies with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry is responsible for policy aspects, as well as matters of form and procedure.

The Ministry has a Treaty Section within the Legal Division that keeps records of bilateral and multi-lateral treaties involving Kenya. It runs an inquiry service that provides information on treaties to the public. The Ministry also coordinates Kenya’s responsibilities as depositary for certain treaties deposited with the Government of Kenya. Read More

angle-left COMESA TREATY

Objectives of the common market

  1. attain    sustainable    growth    and    development    of    the    Member    States    by    promoting    a    more    balanced      and      harmonious      development      of      its       production       and       marketing       structures;
  2. to    promote    joint    development    in    all    fields    of    economic    activity    and    the    joint    adoption    of    macro-economic     policies     and     programmes     to     raise  the  standard  of  living  of  its  peoples  and  to  foster   closer   relations   among   its   Member   States;
  3. to    co-operate    in    the    creation    of    an    enabling    environment     for     foreign,     cross     border     and     domestic       investment       including       the       joint       promotion      of      research      and      adaptation      of      science       and       technology       for       development;
  4. to  co-operate  in  the  promotion  of  peace,  security 19and   stability   among   the   Member   States   in   order   to  enhance  economic  development  in  the  region; 
  5. to co-operate in strengthening the relations between the Common Market and the rest of the world and the adoption  of  common  positions  in  international  fora;  and
  6. to  contribute  towards  the  establishment,  progress  and  the  realization  of  the  objectives  of  the  African  Economic Community. Download treaty here

Protocol On Patents And Industrial Designs Within The Framework Of The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)

These are the regulations for implementing the protocol on patents and industrial designs within the framework of the African regional intellectual property organization (ARIPO) ...

The Cotonou Agreement

focuses on reducing and eventually eradicating poverty

List of international instruments

Establishing the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency The   objective   of the   Agency   is to encourage  the  flow ...