Documents required for business registration

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Reservation application letter and reply

Directors’ identity/passport copies

Graded tax numbers

Declaration of Compliance


Form J

Where? Registrar of Companies

Online user registration:


o Payable fees range from E645 – 1,845

o Please note that charges depend on the type of business/company registration sought

Estimated time to complete: 3 working days

The Registrar of Companies in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade (MCIT) is responsible for registering businesses in the Kingdom of Eswatini. The Companies Act No.8 of 2009 regulates company registration while the Trading Licences Order 1975 (Order No 20 of 1975) and The Trading Licences (Amendment of Schedule) A Regulations Notice, 2006 regulate company licensing. Registering a business is important because it ensures that your company gets the legal status to operate in the country.

This is critical to access business services such as loans from financial institutions, as well as business opportunities such as tenders. This also potentially helps your business to become more competitive. To make registration services easier, more efficient and business-friendly, the Registrar of Companies provides both off-line and online user registration. Company registration takes no more than 3 days while the trade licensing period takes no more than 21 days. 

angle-left Tax registration process

The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a pre-requisite to all procedures of tax registration under Domestic Taxes and Customs Divisions. A TIN is obtained from the Eswatini Revenue Authority (ERA). Processing a TIN takes four (4) working days on average.

How to apply or a TIN (requirements)

Local company

o Fill in TIN form

o Current bank statement

o Proof of physical location

o National Identity Document (Local Directors & Public Officer)

o Identity Document/Passport for Company Directors (Non-Citizens)

o Memorandum

o Certificate of Incorporation

o Trading Licence

o Form J

o Other supporting documents


o Bank statement (90 days)

o Original Bank Letter/Cancelled Cheque

o Proof of Physical Location (Lease Agreement or current Utility Bill)

o National Identity Document/Passport (Non-Citizens)

o Trading Licence (for Sole Traders)

o Other supporting documents


Additional information

o Application forms are free of charge

o Registration notices are issued for every tax type and certificates issued where applicable

o Late registration attracts penalties