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New and emerging enterprises require proper management for them to succeed. The basic aspects of business management include business planning, business leadership, marketing and controlling. Various organizations in Eswatini provide business training to women entrepreneurs. Some of these are listed below.

angle-left Small Enterprises Development Company (SEDCO)

The Small Enterprises Development Company (SEDCO), exists to develop the Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) sector. It promotes an entrepreneurial culture among emaSwati through training and advocacy. To fulfill its mandate of entrepreneurship development it provides business development services to add value to emerging and existing SMMEs.

Available Short Courses
o Business Awareness
o Business Idea Generation
o Causes of Business Failure
o Record Keeping
o Entrepreneurship
o Marketing

Enrolment procedure and requirements
o Enrolment is for trainees aged 18 and above 
o Attendance fee is E990 per trainee while a group of 10 trainees are charged E615 person
o Duration is from 1 day to 1 week 

Additional Services

o Provides office space at below market rates
o Legal counselling
o Linkages to funding and business support services such as business formation

Events of interest by SEDCO
o Roadshows
o Business Awareness at tinkhundla centres
o Entrepreneur of the Year Awards
o Eswatini International Trade Fair

Contact information
Small Enterprises Development Company
Mbabane Government Stores Road
Tel: +268 2404 2811/2
Email: business@sedco.co.sz 
Website: www.sedco.biz