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A number of institutions in Eswatini are actively engaged in protecting women’s rights through the provision of legal assistance. Women entrepreneurs are among those who stand to benefit from this kind of. In this section you can find basic information about accessing legal aid; which organizations in Eswatini provide this kind of service (where the women entrepreneurs can access free or affordable legal aid), plus resources on policy frameworks on the National Gender Policy.

angle-left Council of Swaziland Churches

Council of Swaziland Churches’ Justice Peace and Reconciliation (JPR) Department targets people who are not economically empowered and provides them legal services from private attorneys. The program typically assists those in need of legal advice, will writing, and in some cases, to have their cases taken to courts of law.

Services offered        
o Facilitating access to legal assistance and services to rural and peri-urban women and girls
o Economic literacy and empowerment of women
o Capacity development of rights holders and duty bearers on human rights and gender issues
Events organized by the JPR Department which benefit women        
o Trainings
o Seminars
o Dialogues

Contact information
142, Esser Street
Mandlenkosi House
Tel: +268 2505 3628, 2505 3931,
Email: c.o.c@africaonline.co.sz