Guiding women entrepreneurs through the basics of business, from mentoring to coaching, personal development, marketing, sales insights and business training is very important. Without embedding confidence in their abilities to drive business forward, these entrepreneurs cannot progress, therefore, self-belief gained through mentorship is as important as imparting core business skills.

angle-left Imbita Swaziland Women’s Finance Trust

Imbita Swaziland Women’s Finance Trust is a non-governmental organization established in 1991. It provides micro-finance services for poverty alleviation and women economic empowerment. Its services cater for women in the lower income groups. They must become members to access its services and participate in its activities. 

ISWFT promotes the culture of saving for needs such as school fees, farming inputs and starting or expanding a business. Regular savers get loans after completing the Imbita business management workshop. Borrowers do not necessarily have to meet the criteria for conventional bank loans in terms of collateral. 

Areas of mentorship
Financial management, record-keeping, cash flow, marketing

About the program
o Open only to Imbita members
o 4-6 months
o Monthly
o Free of charge

Additional services
Personal finance skills 

Events of interest
Community/tinkhundla visits, roadshows and trade fairs

Contact information
Imbita Swaziland Women’s Trust
Plot 97
Masalesikhundluni Street
Tel: +268 2505 5507

Contact person
Sbongile Mthembu
Tel: +268 7602 4741