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Quick information guide

There are one-stop centres, Justice Centres Ugandaproviding a wide range of legal aid services

For issues that cannot easily be resolved regarding;

Access to Legal Aid in Uganda

Gender discrimination is against the law and options exist should serious issues arise in your business, place of employment and family. In the Constitution of Uganda all men and women have equal rights and neither should be discriminated against.
The Government provides a Commercial Court to settle disputes that affect directly and significantly the economic, commercial and financial life of Uganda. These include:
  • Plus company causes,

  • Bankruptcies, and
  • Intellectual property.

The Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs has set in place one-stop centres operated by the Justice Centres Uganda (JCU) which is providing a wide range of legal aid services to the community. Some of these services include legal representation, mediation, referrals, awareness creation and outreach, as well as psycho-social support. 

Legal disputes require supporting documentation. Your documents, such as contracts and financial documents, should always be properly filed for easy access.

Organisations providing legal aid services

angle-left The Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Uganda)
About FIDA-Uganda

Formed in 1974, FIDA-Uganda has an established track record of promoting and defending human rights, with a focus on the rights of women with children as beneficiaries of this work.

As a feminist organization, FIDA-Uganda uses multiple strategies aimed at advancing law and policy reform for the protection of women including advocacy, public interest litigation and various forms of public engagement.

Kind of services provided

The services offered include the following:

  • Enhancing access to justice for women
  • Advancing gender responsive governance & women’s effective participation in public life
  • Promoting social-economic right and justice for women
What is needed for a woman to benefit legal aid sought for?

No requirements needed. Simply get in touch with FIDA-Uganda using their toll free line 0800 111 511.

Does organisation/CSO/Institution have awareness information online to educate women in need? Provide links Online publications that include the Laws of Uganda. You can also subscribe to their monthly newsletter on their website.
Events organized
  • Infrequent public engagements in collaboration with partners to educate women on relevant legal issues 
Does organisation/CSO/Institution organise public events that benefit women?
  • Campaigns to end women's rights violation and children right's abuse
Contact details

FIDA Uganda
Head Office: Plot 4 Link Road Mbuya, Kampala
Off Chwa II Road
041 4 530 848
Tollfree: 0800 111 511
E-mail: fida@fidauganda.org
Website: http://www.fidauganda.org

FIDA Uganda