Financial literacy is one of the pillars of financial stability. It is important because it equips women with the knowledge and skills required to manage money effectively. Improving financial literacy is a long-term behavioral change initiative. It requires a multi-faceted approach and sustained action over time to bring about gradual improvement.

According to the Senior Economist at the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe Sanderson Abel, improving the financial literacy has a beneficial flow-on effect to the broader economy, increasing levels of enterprising financial behavior and greater participation in financial services and markets. Listed below are institutions which provide financial literacy training for women in Zimbabwe.

angle-left Kunzwana Women’s Association

Established in 1995, Kunzwana Women’s Association is a Zimbabwean non-governmental organization whose vision is to facilitate women living in rural areas to be included in all Zimbabwean development and economic processes.

The association’s economic empowerment programs are embedded in equipping rural women with requisite skills to engage in profitable entrepreneurship, and while it specializes in skills training for entrepreneurship, it also provides skills training and financial literacy to rural women entrepreneurs. 

Areas covered
Kunzwana offers financial literacy training as part of a 4 modular skills training program. Members are then introduced to micro-finance institutions and are assisted to access affordable finance to start their business.   Support is provided for developing project proposals.

Enrollment procedure

‣ Participants enroll to become members and pay an annual membership fee.

‣ Kunzwana will source funds or use agreed amount from membership fees to conduct trainings for a maximum of 270 days.

‣ The trainings are self-paced and are either field based or institution based.

Kunzwana has established a Digital Centre and a Resource Room offered as part of trainings and for use by participants.

Additional useful information

Access to sustainable markets, fair trade certification and organic certification.

Contact information

Dr Emmie Wade - Executive Director
Number 1 Chiremba Road,
Hillside, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: + 263 7474190
Mob: +263 712208510
Facebook: Kunzwana Women’s Association
Twitter: @kunzwana