Visa application requirements

✓ Completed Visa application form

✓ Two passport size photographs

✓ Non refundable application fees as shown below

Visa fees

Single Entry Visa: US$30.00

Double Entry Visa: US$45.00

Multiple Entry Visa: US$55 (To be supported by a letter)

NB: Visa fees are subject to review

Business Visitor’s Visa

A business visa may be granted for a period of thirty (30) days and is non-renewable. This may be granted to personnel travelling for consultancy work. 

Contact information

The Principal Director
Department of Immigration
1st Floor Linquenda House
Nelson Mandela Avenue
P Bag 7717
Causeway, Harare
Tel: +263-4-791913/8

The Department of Immigration is responsible for facilitating the entry into and departure of people from Zimbabwe. The services which the Department provides include; manning all border posts with adequately trained officers, and clearing bona fide travellers courteously and politely within 3 minutes of arrival at the officer’s desk and within a minute of arrival at the officer’s desk at points where there are computers.

Visitors to Zimbabwe must obtain a Visa from one of the Zimbabwean diplomatic missions or online unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or are eligible for Visa on arrival. As of November 2014 Zimbabwe and Zambia also offer a universal tourist Visa.

Zimbabwe Visa regime
Zimbabwe has 3 categories that guide Visa application:
Category A – Countries who nationals do not require visa; COMESA and SADC countries are in this category. 

Category B – Countries whose nationals who can obtain visas at the port of entry after paying visa fees.
Category C – Countries whose nationals are required to apply and obtain visas prior to travelling. They apply online.

An online Visa online for Zimbabwe is also available at:

Visa application timelines

Visa application within seven (7) days

  • Urgent Visas within 24 hours
  • Investor Residence Permits within 6 weeks
  • Scholars’ and Students’ permits within 14 days
  • Acknowledge complaints within seven (7) days and conduct thorough investigations and furnish a response within 30 days
  • Deport prohibited persons within 14 days of apprehension and/or of a prohibition order being made
  • Carry out diplomatic accreditation within seven (7) days
angle-left Processing an Investor Residence Permit


An Investor Residence Permit may be issued to a person who possesses substantial financial means and is prepared to invest in Zimbabwe without engaging in any occupation. The documents required to support this process are listed below:

1. Fully completed residence permit application form (IF5)

2. Letter addressed to the Chief Director of Immigration requesting issuance of a permit

3. Passport biodata page

4. Two passport size photos

5. Police clearance from country of residence (not older than 6 months)

6. Marriage certificate and children’s birth certificates if applicable

7. Passport biodata of spouse and children if applicable

8. Chest X-ray certificate

9. Banking history from country of origin including loans advanced to applicant

10. Proof of funds available for transfer (promissory notes, loan agreements or undertaking to finance project by a credible financial institution)

11. Proof and value of equipment to be imported

12. Project proposal

13. Company profile

14. Certificate of Incorporation

15. Memorandum and articles of association

16. CR6 (registered office address)

17. CR14 (list of directors)

18. Valid Zimbabwe Investment Authority (ZIA) license

19. Site map and directions from the nearest town

20. Mining companies to submit Environmental Impact Assessment certificates from Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and claim certificates from Ministry of Mines

21. Current list of all expatriates and local employees (include ID numbers, National Social Security Authority (NSSA) numbers and contact numbers)

22. Passport biodata page and permit copy (if any) for all foreign shareholders

23. Statutory fee of USD$500 and USD$300 per dependent; all non-refundable


- Copies of all documents should be sufficiently authenticated. Those from outside Zimbabwe are to be notarized in the prescribed manner whilst those from within may be certified by commissioners of oaths

- All translations should be in English and the copies of original documents should be tendered

- Translations should be done by reputable institutions (preferably government entities)

- All extensions should be done three (3) months prior to expiry of current permit