Crowd marketing

Basics of link promotion

Crowd marketing is a very interesting way of promotion - it is writing reviews or recommendations for a site that increases interest in a particular product or brand. Regardless of the goals, a hype is created around the product, and people trust the opinion of the majority. In this Seo blog, you can learn more about crowd marketing.

There are many ways to promote - email newsletters, setting up contextual advertising, and ultimately leaflets. The crowd marketing service is not cheap, but it is much more effective than automatic promotion or cheating. With this approach, sites can worsen their positions in search results or be blocked. Recommendations and comments look “natural” - as if a person is simply helping to solve a problem, find the necessary product or service. This method will increase interest and bring interested buyers.

About platforms for placement of crowd-links
Forums, social media commentary, Q&A, news portals and review sites are ideal platforms for this service. For example, a person is interested in where to buy furniture. In responses, recommendations appear to him indicating a specific site or company name - this is crowd marketing. Keywords should not be included in the comments, search engines are not stupid. The main task of the manager is to involve people in the discussion, and not just to promote the resource. Search engines Yandex and Google raise sites with positive reviews and a high level of sales, so your business is developing.

It's pretty unprofitable to move on your own. We need hundreds of accounts with different IP-addresses filled with profiles, a certain reputation. Newly created accounts are most likely to be banned if they contain promotional information. In addition, such unnatural comments immediately catch the eye and do not inspire confidence. Web studios that do this professionally will do everything faster and cheaper. Special programs that can speed up this way of promotion are very expensive.

Is it worth investing time and money in crowd marketing?

If you want to get hot clients and plan SEO promotion, then crowd marketing is your choice.

When promoting resources, links are often purchased that are equal to the promoted word. But over time, there are too many links of the same type and the effect disappears. In our case, you pay per month and get a diluted link mass with unlimited promotion opportunities. For example:

 - company address;
 - link to a specific page;
 - title without link;
 - telephone number.
Full-fledged posts 300-500 characters long describe the interaction with the promoted company. This is how high-frequency requests move forward.

Young sites are not recommended to make more than 30 posts per month. There are no restrictions for old sites, since a natural link in the recommendation format cannot be filtered.

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