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The 50 Million African Women Speak platform includes the following features:

• A Resources area which provides information on the following:

        - Business services (business registration processes, immigration information, legal aid, access to inputs, potential sponsors)
        - Access to finance (Financial services providers and their products targeted to women)
       - Access to markets
       - Capacity building (Learning modules for entrepreneurship)
       - Social services
       - Success stories
       - Weather updates

• A Networking area which provides the following interactive features:

Please note that a user can only access the Networking area if they are fully registered.
       - Wall (Allows users to create their own posts)
       - Forum (Allows users to create or reply to discussion threads)
       - Chat (Allows private one-on-one interactions)
       - Group (Allows users can create topics for discussion on topics of interest to all of them)

• Calendar (event creation and management tool) - available for registered users only