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Financial literacy for women in Eritrea

Women entrepreneurs need to possess a variety of skills. They need to be skillful in business management, marketing their product and they should also be financially literate. This will enable them to determine the cost of the products they produce or services they render, set prices and determine the level of activity to run successful firms. Moreover, financial literacy enables women entrepreneurs to manage all the financial resources (cash, receivables and payables) of their business.

angle-left SMAP Institute of Training, Education and Research/Consultancy

SMAP Institute of Training, Education and Research/Consultancy


SMAP Institute is a private business that has been established in 2004 and offers educational, training and consultancy services. It has 15 years of training experience and coaching and mentoring business owners/managers.

Enrollment procedure

To participate in training programs:
- Apply in the training department;  
- One needs to have basic education at primary level.
- For the training provided participants pay service fee which ranges from 50 – 80 Nakfa per hour
- Training period varies from 8 – 40 hours 

Training provided

- Management of cash: Receivables, payables, costing
- Financial feasibilities
- Book keeping
- Basic financial reports
- Taxation

Depending upon the target participants, training is organized in financial management of the business such as bank reconciliation, asset valuation, inventory accounting etc.
Other available resources

One can access resources (business management texts) in the library of the institute free of charge during office hours. 

Library Hours: Morning 08:00 – 12:00 Afternoon 14:00 – 20:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Additional services

- Certificate level one-year course in accounting 
- Coaching and mentoring in finance
- Preparing financial plans 
- Financial feasibility studies

Events organized by SMAP

The institute organizes forums of public interest including in the area of finance to women in business every two weeks on its premises, on Friday (18:00 – 19:00).

Contact info

Contact person: Mrs Tirhas Tecle Tel +2917130437

Campus I: 
Saba Development Building 
1A189 Warsai St. No. 55, Asmara 
Tel: +291-1-180523

Campus II: 
Bologna Street No. 6, Asmara
Tel: +291-1-111833/40
P.O. Box. 2890
Fax: 291-1-180524
Email: info@smap-institute.com
Web: www.smap-institute.com