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Access to legal aid for women in Eritrea

Eritrea has put in place a number of legal and policy frameworks on gender equality and women empowerment. These include the; Gender Policy 2000; National Gender Framework and Action Plan 2015-2019; Land proclamation 58/1994 and Nationality proclamation No.112/1992 that ensures equal nationality and citizenship rights.

Others are; the labor proclamation No. 118/2001 that ensures equal rights to employment, equal pay for equal work of the same value, protection of pregnancy, paid maternity leave, equal treatment & opportunity and proclamation No.128/2002 (on business licensing) which grants women equal access to engage in any business activity and hold a business license without the consent of spouse or father.

Organizations providing legal aid to women

angle-left National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW)

National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW)

NUEW was established in 1977 during the Eritrean liberation struggle pursuant to the 1st Congress of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) resolution and held its founding congress in November 1979. It has 379 staff (12.9% male), out of which 44% are aged between 18 and 40. About 30% are professionals and the rest are high school graduates active in mobilization and organization of NUEW programs. 


1. Radio programs to raise awareness on legal issues, in five local languages; Tigrigna, Tigre, Arabic, Afar and Saho.
2. Issue magazines every quarter which have a column that addresses legal issues and basic rights of women.
3. Advocacy on issues such as land use and rights and International conventions, Convention on Elimination Discrimination Against of Women (CEDAW Awareness program)
4. Counseling services in six regions of the country and linking them to legal institutions.

Cost: Free of charge


- February 6: Zero Tolerance to FGM/C Day  
- March 8: International Women's Day - activities carried out to sensitize especially women about their rights and available opportunities
- October 11: Girls Day
- November: Sixteen (16) days of activism organized to advocate against discrimination


Senait Mehari 
Head of Department, Socio-economic service - NUEW (Six Zobas including Diaspora)
AV Gureito 10-12, IA173 Asmara
P.O. Box 239 Asmara, Eritrea
Fax: +291 1 120628/114575
Tel: +291 1 119304