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Côte d'Ivoire – Documentary review on access to land

The Sustainable Development Goals, designed to support development efforts, recognize the importance of property rights for women, especially in rural areas. In particular, they have to “ensure that [by 2030] all men and women, […] have the same rights […] to land ownership, to control of land”. Beyond land, the issue is land is not only access to financial resources, but also access to food resources and housing, three fundamental elements for the survival of the individual. .

For women, owning land means ensuring their economic emancipation and security; have more say in financial and family decisions; access credit to start a business or improve agricultural productivity; and, very often, it is the guarantee of the survival of his family. »

In our country, statistics show that since the entry into force of the law of December 23, 1998, only 441 out of 3857 land certificates have been issued to women, a rate of 11.43%. This low percentage clearly demonstrates that access to rural land ownership by women remains marginal in the country. The problem therefore lies in customary rights, whether the system is patrilineal or matrilineal.

The promotion of the acquisition of individual and collective land certificates thus allows vulnerable groups access to land.

Sources Document review:


http://www.foncierural.ci/index.php/a-la-une/98-atelier-ue-la-securisation-des-droits-fonciers-des-femmes-et-des-cadets-sociaux-en- rural



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Femmes rurales au travail

The administrative procedure for access to land

Title acquisition process

  • Acquisition of the ACD (DEFINITIVE CONCESSION ARREST ) of the urban domain

The Ivorian administration, through the Ministry of Construction, offers a clear and simplified approach to the acquisition of urban land ownership, of which here are some elements of information schematized below:

  • Acquisition of the ACD (DEFINITIVE CONCESSION ARREST ) of the rural domain

The law of 23 December 1998 relating to the rural land domain passed does not make any difference between the rights of men and women. Statistics show that since its entry into force, only 441 out of 3857 land certificates have been issued to women, i.e. a rate of 11.43%, in 2017. This low percentage clearly demonstrates that access to land ownership of rural land by women remain marginal in the country.

The rural land acquisition process is carried out according to the following approach:

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