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Tribunal du Commerce d'Abidjan

List of structures providing legal support to businesses and women entrepreneurs

The Commercial Court of Abidjan

The Commercial Court of Abidjan is an autonomous court of first (1st) degree . It manages the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM) (creation, modification, certification, etc.).

Its field of application

  • Disputes relating to commitments and transactions between traders within the meaning of the Uniform Act on general commercial law.
  • Disputes between partners of a commercial company or an economic interest group.
  • Collective procedures for debt clearance.
  • Disputes and objections relating to decisions taken by the Commercial Court.
  • Disputes between all persons, relating to commercial acts within the meaning of the Uniform Act relating to General Commercial Law (NB: in mixed acts, the non-commercial plaintiff may seize the courts of first instance).
  • Disputes relating to acts of commerce carried out by traders during their trade and all of their commercial disputes including even a civil object.
  • Disputes assigned by special laws to commercial courts.

Electronic management platform of the Commercial Court: e-TribCom

e-TribCom, a computerized management system for the Commercial Court and the RCCM of Abidjan, comes from the Support Project for the Revitalization and Governance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, abbreviated as PARE-PME.

The objective of setting up the platform is to build a system based on modern technologies and adapted to security standards, intended to facilitate the management of judicial activities, the management of the trade register and personal property credit, then improve the information processing process and finally, the introduction of electronic document management.

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Contact information :

Headquarters: Abidjan Cocody- Deux Plateaux, behind the Donwahi Foundation

Telephone: 22 51 03 41
Email: infos@tribunalcommerceabidjan.org

The Court of Arbitration of Côte d'Ivoire (CACI)

The Court of Arbitration of Côte d'Ivoire (CACI) is a non-profit national and international dispute resolution centre, created within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Côte d'Ivoire.

The CACI's mission is to provide economic operators with alternative means of settling their disputes outside the judicial institutions. It therefore carries out, like the state courts, the work of justice. The decisions rendered under its aegis have the same legal value as those of state courts.



Contact information :

Building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Côte d'Ivoire

Annex Buildings 1st Floor.

6, Avenue Joseph Anoma, Plateau

Tel (225) 20 30 97 29 / (225) 20 30 97 49

Fax: (225) 20 22 43 25

Email: caci@cci.ci

Services provided:

- arbitration http://www.courarbitrage.ci/arbitrage/quest-ce-que-larbitrage/

- the referee,

- accelerated debt collection

- mediation http://www.courarbitrage.ci/mediation/quest-ce-que-la-mediation/

- quotthe mini-trialquot and expertise http://www.courarbitrage.ci/autres-procedures/mini-trial/quest-ce-que-le-mini-trial/


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National Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARNMP)

The National Public Procurement Regulatory Authority is an Independent Administrative Authority (IAA). It is attached to the Presidency of the Republic.

Among its important missions with the State in terms of public orders, it:

  • ensures the application of the principles of good governance, in particular by implementing preventive means to combat fraud and corruption in public contracts and public service delegations;
  • settles disputes and disagreements arising from the award and execution of public contracts and public service delegations that are the subject of appeals brought before it by participants in the public contract procedure;
  • creates and animates a framework for discussion and listening to all players in the public procurement system.

Website: www.arnmp.ci

Contact details :

25 BP 589 25, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Phone. : +225 22 40 00 40

The Association of Women Lawyers of Côte d'Ivoire (AFJCI)

The AFJCI Association, governed by Law No. 60-315 of September 21, 1960, is a scientific Association (Legal Science), affiliated to the Federation of African Lawyers and the International Federation of Women in Legal Careers, and also member of FEDDAF (Women, Law and Development in Africa).

Her goals :

1 – divulge the Law, in rural and semi-urban areas, in particular by raising awareness among the population

2 – contribute to the promotion and development of the rights of women, the family and children;

3 – contribute to the establishment of equal justice for all;

4 – fight against all forms of discrimination against women.

Contact information :

Boulevard de la Paix, Rue des Chemins de Fer, West of SIPF Headquarters / Plateau

01 BP 1758 Abidjan 01 Abidjan - Ivory Coast

Phone: +225 20 32 28 24

Mobile: +225 05 00 04 77