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Access to capital by women entrepreneurs in Eswatini

Imbita Swaziland Women’s Trust is the only financial institution in Eswatini which has specific financial products and services designed for women. Imbita only caters for the low-income women. The Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE), working closely with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade, established the Small-Scale Enterprise Loan Guarantee Scheme for emaSwati entrepreneurs. It is designed to cover a shortage or lack of a collateral for credit for small-scale enterprises available at the participating banks. The amount does not exceed 95% of the start-up business and 85% for existing business. The guarantee remains in force until the credit is repaid in full. As a result, the local banks have SMEs portfolios.

The Central Bank of Eswatini runs a Small-Scale Guarantee Enterprise Loan Scheme to assist entrepreneurs. It is available from normal financial resources of the participating local financial institutions. The maximum credit does not exceed E500 000. The lending rate is staggered from Prime plus 2% to Prime plus 5% depending on the risk profile of applicant. The period of credit shall not exceed 10 years for a long-term loan and five years for a short term.

Central Bank of Eswatini

Umtsholi Building

Mahlokohla Street


Tel: (+268) 408 2317

Email: info@centralbank.org.sz

Web: www.centralbank.org.sz


Information details

1 Small-Scale Industry

2 Agriculture

3 Commerce

4 Tourism

5 Construction

6 Services

  • Eswatini small-scale enterprises that are start-ups or already engaged in industry, agriculture, commerce, tourism, construction and services.
  • An eligible Eswatini small-scale enterprise should be owned either by Eswatini national or by a legal entity, in which Eswatini nationals have at least 75% ownership and effectively control.
  • The total business turnover for the small scale Eswatini enterprise shall not exceed E8 million per annum.
  • Mentorship and entrepreneurship training programmes from Government accredited service providers and recognized by the participating financial institutions are mandatory to the beneficiaries of the scheme. Entrepreneurship training of a minimum 4 weeks for all start-ups is mandatory for all aspiring small-scale enterprises and to be provided by government accredited service providers.
  • Mentors should be Government accredited.

Eswatini International Trade Fair



Eswatini Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP)

FINCORP is an equal opportunity financier. For the small sized micro loans, it does not require any collateral. For loans up E100 000, FINCORP requires partial collateral equivalent to 20% of the amount required. Customers, who want bigger loans and have a secured supply market, they only a deposit of 5% and no further collateral. Loans above E500 000 without a secured market require a collateral.


Mbabane Branch

Ground Floor, FINCORP Building

Cnr of Gwamile & Dabede Streets

Tel: (+268) 24049272

Siphofaneni Branch

Office #2, Nokuphila Complex


Tel: (+268) 2344 1992, 2344 1989/9

Tshaneni Branch

Shop #1, Office Park, Inyoni Plaza

Tel: (+268) 2323 2351/2/3/4

Email: info@fincorp.co.sz


Information details

1. Business Loans

2. Agricultural Loans

3. Order Financing

4. Commercial Property and Investment Loans

5. Invoice Discounting

6. Business Acquisition Loans


  1. Business Plan covering the following
  • Business background
  • Profile of project promoter (Business owner/directors is a company)
  • Full description of proposed business and financial requirement
  • Competitors if any
  • Marketing and promotional strategy
  • Pricing
  • Management and personnel
  • Cashflow projects
  • Projected profit & Loss account and Balance Sheet
  1. Business/Trading licence
  2. Registration Certificate and Articles of Association, if applicant is a private company: Form J and Form C
  3. Copies of Director’s/ business owner (s) Identity documents
  4. Trade References if any
  5. Quotations for equipment/assets to be acquired