Quick info guide

o Safest routes when conducting business

Main highways

o Safe travel hours

Travel by day

Hotlines in case of robbery, rape or bandits attacks

Police: 991
Fire: 993
Emergency Paramedic Response: 977

Hotlines for abuse/bribery/harassment including sexual harassment
Police: 999

Social services support for women in Eswatini

Eswatini has ensured that there exist social services facilities to assist the victims of sexual gender-based-violence (GBV). One Stop Centres are housed in the following referral hospitals: Mbabane Government Hospital in the capital, Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in the commercial city of Manzini and Lubombo Referral Hospital in the sugar-belt town of Siteki. All the social services are offered under one roof.

Eswatini uses the inter-agency One Stop Centre approach as its holistic and comprehensive response to GBV. These three centres provide:

Different services in a survivor-focused setting

Forensic examination by doctor

Medical examination by doctor

Physical examination by nurses

Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) services

Psychosocial support and counseling by SWAGAA & Ministry of Health psychologists

Legal services by Royal Eswatini police and prosecutors

Case management by case manager

Provision of medico-legal report

Investigation and, if appropriate, prosecution of the case

Support for survivors appearing in court

General information on health matters

Cross border traders are always encouraged to carry enough medication to last them their whole trip. They are also advised to take malaria tablets and refill their tablets for any ailments including ARVs before travelling across borders.

Reproductive health and rights related information

The Ministry of Health (MOH), Family Life Association of Swaziland (FLAS) and other health NGOs provide reproductive health and rights (RHR) information and services.

General information on HIV/AIDS (Prevention and management)

Health NGOs work closely with National Emergency Council on HIV/AIDS the Ministry of Health to mount campaigns focusing on dissemination of general information on HIV/AIDS as well as prevention and management issues.