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Village Savings and Loan Associations for women in Eswatini

Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) enable rural communities to finance their own development. Through the deposits and contributions made, VSLAs provide much needed funds to invest in income-generating activities. The savings accrued provide members with loans to start and develop their own businesses.

Women entrepreneurs who need quick and affordable credit should consider joining VSLAs. They are a good alternative source of finances because of their friendly interest rates. Below is a list of organizations which provide training for VSLAs in Eswatini.

angle-left ACAT Lilima Swaziland - Mbuluzi Training Centre

ACAT Lilima Swaziland - Mbuluzi Training Centre


Ø Basic introduction to small business management
Ø Record keeping: teaching communities how to keep proper records on their savings activities
Ø Basic book keeping and management of monies and opening of bank accounts
Ø Leadership skills for community leaders to be able to guide and channel groups to strategic success in their operations
Ø Organic farming for food security at household level
Ø Introduction to HIV/AIDS and basic home-based care
Ø Basic introduction to environmental care and effects of climate change

Contact information
Africa Co-operative Action Trust (Swaziland)
Mbuluzi Farm, Former Leprosy Settlement 
P. O. Box 283
Tel: +268 2401 1171, +268 234021820
Email: secretary@acat.org.sz (main reception), emdlamini@acat.org.sz (ACAT National Director)
Website: www.acat.org.sz