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The Government of the Republic of Burundi, through the Ministry of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, has a National Gender Policy of Burundi, 2012-2025. Among the eight challenges identified that affect the social, legal and economic situation of women and that limit the promotion of equity is the challenge of equal access and accessibility to resources and economic opportunities by women.

With this policy, women currently have access to factors of production, basic infrastructure, support services and financial resources as indicated in the National Gender Policy of Burundi, 2012-2025, especially in its results framework. . Some women's organizations and associations have been created precisely to facilitate women to have capital to start their business or increase their business. Other financial institutions have created specific products for women entrepreneurs.

angle-left Microfinance RECECA INKINGI sa “Community Network of Savings and Credit for Self-Development - Inkingi y' Iterambere”.

  1. Microfinance RECECA INKINGI saCommunity Network of Savings and Credit for Self-Development - Inkingi y' Iterambere” .

About the Institution

RECECA INKINGI sa is a “ Community Network of Savings and Credit for Self-Development - Inkingi y' Iterambere” . It is a limited company-type Microfinance Institution approved by the BRB . by Act of approval n°D1/020/2008 of 10/01/2008 . Based on the principle of solidarity and complementarity, RECECA INKINGI was created on the basis of a community initiative with the objective of establishing a microfinance institution with a large number of shareholders with modest means. Unity is strength. The value of a share was set at a low amount (10,000 BIF) to allow access for a large number of people to shareholding in the company. It now includes more than 1,300 shareholders with a share capital of 650 million BIF.

List of products supplied by the Institution

Granting of credits

Brief product description

Solidarity credits and credit warrantages (for the gradual constitution of a stock) specifically for businesswomen.

Target audience

All the women rice farmers in the Imbo plain as well as the women's associations that do diversified business.


A current account in microfinance, proof of mastery of the activity, regularity of income or proof of an eventful account.

Activity area

The agricultural sector, commerce, housing, social sectors such as schooling and others.

Interest rate

- 2% per month for solidarity and agriculture,

- 13% per year for social loans or so-called ordinary loans


The warranty is due. That is to say the solidarity of the group, the domiciliation of account, movements, mortgages of real estate

Repayment deadlines

3 to 6 months for agricultural loans and depending on the negotiation


Less than 30 million BIF depending on capacity


Minimum of 5 people for solidarity loans

Contact information

Microfinance contact details


Headquarters: 29 Avenue Bututsi, Rohero 2

Email: info@receca-inkingi.bi ,

Web Site: http://receca-inkingi.bi/

Phone: +25722 25 38 33