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Access to legal aid in BURUNDI

In Burundi, the Constitution and other national and international legal instruments that Burundi has ratified establish and enshrine the principle of equality and non-discrimination in rights and dignity for all citizens without distinction of any kind.

National, regional and international networks are born and flourish with the mission of contributing to the achievement of a just and equitable society, in which the law is at the service of the most vulnerable groups and/or populations. In this regard, the law recognizes access to legal aid services for any citizen who needs them, especially women.

However, there is still a significant gap between the prescriptions of these instruments and the reality on the ground where women continue to suffer exclusion in terms of access to land, victims of customary law which does not recognize equal treatment between men. and women

Women are disadvantaged in law and in practice. This state of affairs leaves many Burundian women in economic stagnation, exposes them to food insecurity and keeps them in a situation of inequality and social dependence. These women are therefore unable to fully enjoy economic, cultural and social rights on an equal footing.

There are also several organizations that facilitate access to legal aid with various services