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Actions against GBV

Green number

Integrated Support Centers

  • Humura from Gitega, in the center
  • Cibitoke, North West
  • Makamba; to the south, and
  • Muyinga in the North East

Contact information

Ministry of Human Rights,
Social Affairs and Gender
Building Ex-Finances, 1st Floor, Number 30
BP: 2690 Bujumbura - Burundi
Phone: +257 22246924
Email: mdphas@gmail.com


Burundi has a specific law on gender-based violence promulgated in September 2016. The country also has a national strategy (2018-2022) to combat gender-based violence.

In addition to the specific law and national strategy, there are gender-based violence policy documents that help operationalize actions to address gender-based violence (GBV).

These actions are those included in the National Gender Policy Action Plan (2017-2021) and those included in the R1325 of the United Nations Security Council on Women, Peace and Security (2017-2021).

Initiatives to combat gender -based violence

In Burundi, there are several initiatives to fight against GBV; it is :

  • Involvement of actors such as Family and Community Development Centers (CDFs)
  • Setting up a toll-free number
  • Creation of victim care centers
  • Collaboration with intervening associations

All-round mobilization

The Ministry, in collaboration with various stakeholders, is carrying out several actions to combat this scourge, whether in terms of prevention, protection and support for survivors of victims of SGBV.

This synergy of action is also carried out at the local level by the CDFCs which are decentralized services of the Ministry in charge of Gender and the stakeholders in the field in their area of action.

Associations and NGOs involved in violence prevention and empowerment often organize seminars and other training (funded by partners). The trainings evoke the aspects of legal aid and support, the pleas that they can benefit from as mentioned by the AFJB.