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An Export License?

Documents required

  • A Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • A trade register
  • A payment slip of 10,000 Frs drunk
  • A letter of request
  • A photocopy of identity

Contact information

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism,
Directorate General of Industrial Property
Commune Mukaza, Bujumbura-Burundi
Mango Avenue
Finance Administrative Building No 419
Phone. : +257 22 22 59 53/257 22 22 68 37
Email: info@mincommerce.gov.bi
Website: www.mincommerce.gov.bi

Export to Burundi

In Burundi, people wishing to export must have an export license. The Department of Foreign Trade within the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism is responsible for issuing this License.

The request is addressed to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The applicant must specify in his application, the products he wants to export.

The Ministry in charge analyzes the demand, especially if the products to be exported are sufficient at the local level. It is after this information relating to the offer at the local level that the decision is made. The local market must have these products in sufficient quantity for the Ministry to issue this License to the applicant.

angle-left Quality and standards of products to be exported

Quality and standards of products to be exported

The Burundi Bureau of Standardization and Quality Control (BBN) which was created in 1992 to promote standardization, metrology, quality assurance and testing activities in Burundi.

The BBN is responsible for ensuring the safety, well-being and health of people and the environment on the basis of its daily activities. It manages the quality control of goods produced by local companies in the country, referring to international quality management systems such as ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14000, BPH and HACCP

Currently the BBN has already published about a catalog of 1094 national standards in accordance with the standards of the East African community . The BBN predicts that by 2020 it will have already published 4000 standards.