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In Burundi, the AVEC approach (Associations Villageoises d'Epargnes et de Crédits in French known as VSLAs (Village Savings and Loans Associations in English) was inspired by the traditional practice of tontines. This approach allows the accumulation of funds , gives interest on savings, and allows access to credit to several members at the same time.

The AVEC puts an emphasis on the organizational and democratic development of an association, which the tontine does not normally do. It is an approach that is appreciated in the country and the Government of Burundi in collaboration with CARE International has decided to make it a National approach because it is adapted to the local context and to the different projects according to the objectives of the members.

The village savings and credit system is based on a basic principle: a VSLA savings and credit group, and is formed by members who decide on their own to get together to save their money in the form of shares. . This savings is collected in a credit fund which allows them to borrow sums which they repay and to which interest is added. A AVEC group is made up of 15 to 30 members.

angle-left FVS Amade Burundi

FVS nbsp Amad Burundi.

FVS Amade Burundi is an association created since 1992 which had, from the start, the mission of seeking to improve the well-being of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) through the empowerment of guardians.

One of the ways of supervising tutors is through village savings and loan associations (AVEC). VSLAs are sponsored by organizations and institutions that provide multifaceted support. The FVS Amande Burundi association is involved in the organization and structuring of VSLAs in the form of groups or solidarity groups in Burundi, helping vulnerable children and parents, especially women.

Role and activities of FVS

FVS helps in setting up VSLAs and/or solidarity groups.

The services offered by FVS Amade Burundi include among others:

  • The empowerment of female guardians through the management of OVEs,
  • The distribution of micro-credits for guardians of OVCs .

Other services

  • Granting of credits via the microfinance quotDUKUZE IBIBONDO MICROFINANCEquot for the economic self-promotion of households in charge of OVC.

In addition, FVS_Amade offers coaching services by:

  • Coaching;
  • Mentoring; and
  • Capacity building for women associated with solidarity groups.

Become members of VSLAs supervised by FVS

To be a member of the association and benefit from the services of FVS Amande, one must enroll in solidarity groups supervised by the FVS. Enrollment is done at the level of each census hill with the help of the authorities of the hill who also participate in the establishment of solidarity groups. This approach is followed to ensure that vulnerable women and children are really those who benefit from the services of FVS Amade, whether it is supervision or access to credit.

Benefit from FVS services

To benefit from the services of FVS Amande, whether it be supervision or access to loans, the only criterion required is to be a member of at least one solidarity group To benefit from the services or be a member of the groups and therefore benefit from the services of FVS Amade Burundi, there are no special costs apart from the obligation to repay the installments on time for loans contracted with other members of solidarity groups supervised by FVS.

Target areas

FVS Amade is present in all the provinces of Burundi

FVS Partners

FVS has several partners including GIZ, CARE BUrundi, UNICEF, Handicap Internationale, ONUFEMMES etc.

FVS organizes training and capacity building sessions regularly (at least once every 3 months) for the solidarity groups under its supervision


Ndayishimiye Prospère, Empowerment Manager at FVS

Phone: +25776966790 or +25761318316

Skype: pndayishimiye1

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