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Market information: Export and local markets in Zimbabwe

The National Trade Development and Promotion Organisation of Zimbabwe (ZimTrade) produces Market Pointers which assist Zimbabwean companies to make informed decisions and develop appropriate export strategies as they explore opportunities in the global market.

The top exports of Zimbabwe are raw tobacco, ferro alloys, diamonds, chromium ore and raw sugar and its top imports are broadcasting equipment, packaged medicaments, delivery trucks, corn and refined petroleum. The top export destinations are China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, India and Zambia. See details here

Zimtrade has an export directory database with information interesting products and services for exporters

Exports and Imports at a Glance from 2010 - 2018


Export opportunities in the horticulture sector: a snap of the local markets

Agriculture is the main anchor of the economy, with the potential to enhance economic turnaround prospects for Zimbabwe. It is the backbone of the economy.

Markets are a key component of the agriculture value chain, there is at least one local market in the 62 districts of the country and in each of the 10 provinces there is a market usually at roadside market and in every town. The largest market in Zimbabwe is known as Mbare Musika and it is  the major trading market for vegetables and fruits and an estimated 17 000 people do business there every day and it has is made up of 4 markets .

Farmers Market – receives commodities from producers and operating times are from 2pm – 4:30am. Because of the nature of the market it is mainly dominated by men; commodities are carried in large volumes and the operating times are not conducive for women. There are also not women friendly facilities which include ablutions and accommodation to use hence there are a few women in this category.



Traders Market – There about 5000 traders and 40% are in the Agricultural Commodities section and approximately 60 % are women. There other traders are in buying and selling of clothes, catering and selling of processed products. The market operates from 4:30am to 12 noon

Wholesale market – This is for an approximately 2500 traders who have permanent stalls and they buy their commodities from farmers market. Approximately 60% are females. It operates from 6am to 6pm.

At the Traditional and Craft Market one can go for curio shopping and find many good bargains. From small soapstone statues, copper trinkets, wooden pieces, colourful wall art to impressive reed mats. There is a wide variety of wares, most of the hawkers are the designers and artists and will readily haggle but others are just resellers. Here you can also find an assortment of traditional herbs and spices sold for their healing properties.


Mbare ticks all year round, with public holidays not a time to rest but rather a peak business period.


Other export sectors  


Sectors/Opportunities & Market




Brief Description

Zimbabwe is a mineral resource rich country, extracting over 40 different minerals.




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The sector produces a wide range of products that include food and beverages, chemicals, clothing & textiles, wood as well as metal products, among others.




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one of the top travel destinations in the world –Majestic Vic Falls

Zimbabwe has a diversity of attractions which include UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Great Zimbabwe, Mana Pools, Matopos, Kariba Dam, Eastern Highlands and over 26 game parks and safari areas.


Information Communication and Technology

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Zimbabwe has a well-developed mobile telecommunication infrastructure, with a number of public and private players providing a diverse range of products and services. The Information and Communication Technology sector comprises: Fixed Telephone Services; Mobile Telephone Services; Mobile Money Transfer Services; Data and Internet Services as well as Postal and Courier Services




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The Zimbabwean banking sector has demonstrated resilience against major shocks and has significantly contributed to the transformation of the economy. The sector is poised for growth, with improved capacity to support the economy arising from policy initiatives being implemented by Government and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). The RBZ is at the apex of the banking sector.



Arts and Crafts Sector

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Zimbabwe is recognised as a country with a strong creative artistic flair. The art and crafts sector contributes significantly to employment creation and assists many rural communities to earn a living.



Transport services

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Zimbabwe is strategically positioned to provide a gateway to markets within the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the East African Community (EAC) and beyond. It is linked to countries such as Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo through the North-South Corridor, the most extensive corridor system in the region.



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