Quick info guide

Police contact numbers

Contact/hotline numbers of police in case of robbery, rape or bandits attacks

Emergency: +263 4 995

Hotline: (04) 748836/ (04) 777777

Roadblock Numbers: +263 782 475 000

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority anti-corruption toll-free hotlines

Econet: 0808190

Telecel: 0732880880

Netone: 0772135690

Musasa Project Toll Free Number – 080 800 74

Adult Rape Clinic: +263 242 793572

Hotlines for abuse/sexual harassment

ADVC: +263 242 700095/708666

Zimbabwe Gender Commission: +263 242 701101 /250296

Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development:  +263 242 708398 / 701103/250364

Safety and related support services for Zimbabwean women

Cross border movements are facilitated by the Department of Immigration in Zimbabwe, which focuses on the two aspects of control and facilitation of movement of people into and out of the country. To do this effectively, the Department has established 28 border posts that include road and rail controls, city and town offices as well as airports and some informal crossing points. All ports of entry and exit  (border posts and airports) are safe for conducting business.

Prevention of harassment for women in business

Harassment is defined as “unwelcome or unwanted verbal, non-verbal, physical or visual conduct based on sex or of a sexual nature which occurs with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person.” It can also be based on race, disability, class, gender identity, or other social identities, and serves to remind marginalized populations of our vulnerability to assault in public space.

Guidelines to prevent harassment:

  1. Do not entertain strangers
  2. Know your rights, if you feel as though you are in immediate danger, consider calling the Police, relevant authorities or shout for help
  3. Use public spaces avoid dark and lonely places when you are by yourself
  4. Limit the information you share
  5. Report the abuse