Financial literacy training for women in Zimbabwe

Financial literacy is one of the pillars of financial stability. It is important because it equips women with the knowledge and skills required to manage money effectively. Improving financial literacy is a long-term behavioral change initiative. It requires a multi-faceted approach and sustained action over time to bring about gradual improvement.

According to the Senior Economist at the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe Sanderson Abel, improving the financial literacy has a beneficial flow-on effect to the broader economy, increasing levels of enterprising financial behavior and greater participation in financial services and markets. Listed below are institutions which provide financial literacy training for women in Zimbabwe.

Kunzwana Women’s Association

Offers financial literacy training as part of a 4 modular skills training program.

Zimbabwe Women's Bureau

ZWB supports the achievement of socio-economic rights of women in Zimbabwe.

VIRL Financial Services

VIRL's financial inclusion mandate is focused on rural financing