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Assessing Export Readiness

ZimTrade has an Export Readiness Assessment which an entrepreneur can take in order to check for readiness. Some of the questions are as follows:

What is the nature of your business?

What is your sector of activity?

Do you have a product or service to export?

What is the unique selling point (USP) of your product or service?

What are the top three countries that you are looking to export?

How long has your business been in operation?

How are you currently financing your business?

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How to export from Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe exports a wide variety of agricultural products, ranging from cash crops and cereals in addition to its main exports which include gold, platinum, chrome, tobacco, and cotton.  The National Trade Development and Promotion Organisation of Zimbabwe, ZimTrade, has prepared a simple guide; Exporting in 12 Steps, for the benefit of Zimbabwean exporters and would-be exporters. The guide provides useful information for exporters to overcome some of the common problems and difficulties associated with exporting. It also contains basic ideas to help enterprises in planning and developing their export business on a viable and sustainable basis.

Goods originating from or manufactured in Zimbabwe are normally exported under the Open General Export License (OGEL). However, there are some goods, which because of short supply or strategic importance, require an export license. This list varies from time to time, depending on circumstances. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce issues the export license. The exporter needs to complete an application form, which can be obtained from the ministry’s offices. The following are examples of products that require an export permit/license from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce:

• Timber and timber products

• Vegetable oils, vegetable fats, vegetable acid oil

 • Margarine

• Cooking oil

• Cement

• Raw sugar

• Machinery

• Fertilizer

• Pharmaceutical products

The laws which govern the exportation of goods are administered by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), which has been empowered to ensure compliance with the regulatory controls before exportation of goods. Certain goods may not be exported without the approval of relevant ministries/departments or statutory bodies.

For instance, agricultural and horticultural produce requires an export permit from the Secretary for Agriculture. The exporter, therefore, should approach the relevant ministry or statutory body for the export permit/license before approaching the bank or submitting any documents to Zimra. Depending on the product, an export permit/license can be obtained from the following ministries or institutions:

• Ministry of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement;

• Ministry of Industry and Commerce;

 • Ministry of Energy and Power Development;

• Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe;

• Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality;

• Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe;

• Parks and Wildlife Authority;

• Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe;

• Agricultural Marketing Authority;

• Environmental Management Agency


Tips from ZimTrade

O You must have in-depth information about doing business in that country, its political, economic and social conditions, the leading market players, the main cities & towns, the sources and levels of competition, the pricing structure, business cultures, ethics & values, the standards & norms, the key trade support institutions, trade agreements if any, and information about travel & logistics.

O Obtaining reliable and updated information and intelligence is challenging and costly. To assist Zimbabwean exporters get detailed information on emerging market(s)and other market(s) of your interest, ZimTrade offers a multi-level market research service, on selected markets, to help Zimbabwean exporters and potential exporters, including SMEs to better prepare their market entry strategy.

O ZimTrade offers a suite of market intelligence services

O ZimTrade organizes a series of trade events and trade missions for the benefit of Zimbabwean exporters to promote their products and services to targeted buyers in the region and the world over. View ZimTrade events here