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Access to capital for women entrepreneurs in Zambia

The Bank of Zambia (Boz) marked a major step in advancing women’s financial inclusion after unveiling the results of a landmark survey that found women in Zambia inherently face more challenges in accessing formal financial products and services. The main purpose of the survey was to determine the levels of access, usage and quality of financial services; identify barriers to women financial inclusion as well as assist with modifying the existing policies, strategies and regulatory measures. The bank used gender specific data to identify key barriers facing women in accessing financial services.

The findings helped the Central Bank to have a better understanding of the “magnitude of the financial inclusion gender gap” and be able to develop policies that specifically target women’s financial inclusion”. A number of financial products are available for use by women in business.

Details of these are provided in the links listed below.

Zambia Export Development Fund (ZEDEF)

ZEDEF provides short-term low-cost trade finance to exporters of non-traditional export products.

FINCA Zambia loan products for women and youth

FINCA Zambia is a full-service microfinance institution (MFI) providing credit and savings services.