Access to legal aid for women in Zambia

The National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) stands at the forefront of providing legal aid to women in Zambia. The supreme body of the NLACW is the Annual General Meeting of the Law Association of Zambia, whose membership is estimated at 1510 professional lawyers. To function effectively, the Law Association of Zambia has constituted itself into thirteen committees one of which is the Women’s Rights Committee. The Women Rights Committee is responsible for overseeing affairs of the Clinic on behalf of LAZ. The Council elects the Convener of the 9-member Committee. 

The membership comprises members from diverse backgrounds within the legal fraternity. The Director of the Clinic is responsible for the implementation of the program activities and also serves on the Women’s Rights Committee as secretary.

Follow this link for additional information about accessing free or affordable legal aid in Zambia for women and youth entrepreneurs, as well as resources on policy frameworks on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW)

The National Legal Aid Clinic for Women (NLACW) provides affordable legal aid to women and children.