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Incentives for cross border traders

  1. Trade facilitation: a mechanism used to ensure the smooth flow of imports and exports;
  2. Free cross border trading information on various products/businesses through Trade Information Desk Officer
  3. Eligibility of duty-free goods, originating from within the region
  4. Use of the Simplified Trade Regime (STR)
  5. Cross Border Permit
  6. Participation in national and international value/supply chains
  7. Participation in women focused programs

Facilities at border posts which women in business can utilize

Two Zambian border posts have facilities (namely, toilets and shower rooms) which women in business can utilize. These two (2) border posts are:

  1. Mukambo Border Post; and
  2. Kasumbalesa Border Post

Cross border trade in Zambia

COMESA developed the Simplified Trade Regime (STR), which was launched in 2010 in recognition of the  importance of cross border trade in the region. The STR aims to formalize informal cross border trade (ICBT) by putting in place mechanisms tailored to the trading requirements of small-scale traders based around border areas.

The STR targets small-scale traders importing and/or exporting goods worth US$ 2,000 or less, which are on the common list of eligible products negotiated and agreed by the two neighboring countries.

Cross Border Traders Association (CBTA)

Support provided for cross border traders