Quick info guide

There are several procedures and documentation required when exporting from Zambia and these will depend on;

  • Type of export that has to be declared
  • Which country the exports are destined

Documentation in export trade is critical. Please ensure all documents are completed before exports leave the country.

Complete documentation also enables the consignee in the importing country to seamlessly clear goods with local authorities.

Contact information

Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA)
Plot 5032 Great North Road, Lusaka
Email: info@zcsa.org.zm
Tel: +260 211 224900
Website: www.zcsa.org.zm

Information on exporting from Zambia

Most of the exports from Zambia are traditional products in their primary form. There is limited value addition made to these raw products. Most of the goods exported as finished products are usually meant for African markets. For further information, click here

Export regulations and licences

  • For timber to be exported, the exporter must be cleared by the Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency.
  • The exporter:
  •  1Fills in an application form

         2. Attach the packing list, phytosanitary certificate, timber export permit.

  • Licenses are obtained from the Forestry department (for timber exports)

Requirements for export business

  • Networking important as it will help the exporter to know the trends in export business and aid to identify the products that are needed in import countries.
  • Assessment of export readiness through market research;
  • Have a reliable source to get the goods;
  • Knowledge about import requirements in country of export; and
  • Investing in a quality management system.

Tips to help exporters to penetrate the export market

  • Ensure products do not only conform to minimum standards; strive for highest standards;
  • Export high value goods;
  • Ensure value additions to products;
  • High standard in sensory and organoleptic taste, product packaging and labelling;
  • Conduct own quality checks before exports; and
  • Invest in quality management systems-knowledge and implementation.


  • Conducted by the Technical Departments in conjunction with the Public Relations Office