Practical Guide

Registration of the natural person

The registration procedure for the natural person is based on registration in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register (RCCM).

Information to be provided

  • Name of the person
  • Object
  • Exact address of the person
  • Phone number

Rooms at to supply

  • Form duly completed (See ANPI);
  • Excerpt from birth;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Criminal record extract of the manager of less than three months;
  • Copy of the lease, title deed or domiciliation contract, or a declaration of free availability of premises if the head office is domiciled with the manager or document informing the location of the head office
  • National Identity Card;
  • Residence card for foreigners;
  • Prior authorization when the activity is regulated (Ministry concerned).

Registration fees

Services Operations

KMF cost

Graft Commercial register registration 7500
ANPI Printing costs 5000
TOTAL 12500

Registration of companies in the Union of Comoros

The registration procedure for natural and legal persons in the Union of the Comoros is set in accordance with OHADA texts and national provisions not to the contrary, and is carried out with the competent body having obtained special authorization from the Ministry of Justice. , the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy.

In 2008, a National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANPI) was created in accordance with Decree No. 08-063/PR. The ANPI, whose headquarters are in Moroni and has branches on each island of the Union of the Comoros, plays a key role in welcoming promoters and investors, informing them and assisting them in their administrative, legal and commercial procedures. to institutions.

Its main mission:

  • Implement enterprise development policies. To this end, it contributes, in particular, to facilitating the establishment and development of industrial, productive, commercial and service enterprises;
  • Set up institutions and/or bodies to facilitate the mechanisms needed to improve the general framework for the promotion of private investment;
  • Undertake any investment promotion action.

Types of businesses in the Comoros

It is possible to create four types of companies in the Comoros:

  • Sole proprietorship or entrepreneur
  • Sole proprietorship of the trader
  • The limited liability company (SARL)
  • The single-member limited liability company (SARLU)
  • The Economic Interest Grouping (GIE)
  • The Limited Company (SA)

Registration of the Legal Person

Registration of the Legal Person