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Cross-border trade in the Comoros

Comoros, classified as a Small Island Developing State (SIDS ), faces many challenges in cross-border trade, which are related to trade facilitation . Inefficient customs practices and complex international trade procedures unnecessarily increase transaction time and costs, greatly reducing the possibility of successfully integrating into global value chains. According to the Doing Business 20 20 report published by the World Bank, Comoros is ranked 160th out of 189 economies in terms of cross-border trade.

It is in this context that Comorian Customs has undertaken to gradually bring its regulations (working methods, procedures and techniques) and even its legislation into line with the instruments of the World Customs Organization (the Revised Kyoto Convention of the WCO, the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System commonly referred to as HS 2012), COMESA legal standards, as well as recommendations from partners such as Afritac south, Interpol, Funds International Monetary Fund (IMF) , W orld Bank , African Union , etc.

Comorian Customs also looked at organizational, regulatory and procedural issues relevant to the implementation of a single window project, including the ability to accept documents, licenses, permits, certificates and other supporting documents in electronic format, and the exchange of information between and with various State bodies concerning the cross-border movement of goods, this within the framework of the existing Comorian institutional mechanisms aimed at facilitating exchanges.


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