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The economic empowerment of Comorian women

The economic empowerment of women is the sine qua non of effective gender equality. It is also an essential milestone for eradicating poverty and ensuring inclusive economic growth.

Women make an enormous contribution to the economy, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or through their unpaid work at home, where they take care of their families.

In the Union of the Comoros, the Government has made a commitment to support all the actions of women entrepreneurs and any action aimed at providing Comorian women with real social and economic autonomy.

The National Gender Equality and Equity Policy (PNEEG) has the vision of quotContributing to making the Union of the Comoros an emerging country without gender discrimination, where men and women will have the same rights and chances to participate in its development process at all levels and to enjoy equitably the benefits of its growth”.

In its strategic axis 3, the National Gender Equality and Equity Policy (PNEEG) aims to strengthen the economic role of women in the development process by supporting their economic empowerment through the development of women's entrepreneurship. and promotion of its activities.

Also, the Women's Entrepreneurship Master Plan (PDEF) gives priority to better participation of women in economic development activities and mainly aims to:

  • Reduce the disparities between men and women in the field of entrepreneurship,
  • To bring out female entrepreneurship that is able to contribute to the development of the country, by giving it the necessary foundations for its development and by seeking answers and alternatives to the constraints it comes up against.

Main actors involved in women's economic empowerment

National Commission for Solidarity, Social Protection and Promotion of Gender

The National Commission for Solidarity, Social Protection and Gender Promotion is the national structure in charge of the promotion of women and gender. Its mission is to define the orientations necessary for the planning and programming of actions to be carried out in the field of gender equality and equity.

Directorate General for Women's Entrepreneurship

Created in 2008, the General Directorate for Women's Entrepreneurship (DGEF) is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth, Employment, Labour, Professional Training and Integration, Sports, Arts and Culture.

The DGEF has the following missions:

  • Improve quantitative knowledge of women's entrepreneurship;
  • Develop entrepreneurship in the female world;
  • Facilitate the financing of women's entrepreneurship;
  • Develop training actions adapted to women's entrepreneurship and its conditions of practice;
  • Teach women to use New Information and Communication Technologies ( NTIC );
  • Develop female entrepreneurship networks .

Female Entrepreneurship Indian Ocean Comoros (EFOICOM )

Founded in 2010, the Platform of Women Entrepreneurs, Entreprendre au Féminin Océan Indien Comores (EFOICOM ) aims to promote the activity of women entrepreneurs in the Union of the Comoros.

EFOICOM is responsible for:

  • Provide visibility and a solid network to women at the level of the Union of the Comoros;
  • Sensitize women to the creation of income-generating activities;
  • Create a lobbying force with decision-making bodies and development partners;
  • Collaborate with any organization aiming to promote gender.