Information Guide

Types of visas issued in Comoros:

  • The transit visa allowing a stay of a maximum duration of five days
  • The tourist visa, valid for a stay of a maximum duration of forty-five days
  • The short-stay visa not exceeding three months and possibly renewable once.

The fee for each type of visa is 15,000 Comorian francs (30 Euros)

Documents required :

  • A valid passport
  • A return ticket
  • A certificate of accommodation or a hotel reservation
  • Reason for stay
  • Justification of resources (livelihoods)

Comoros Immigration Information

The Union of the Comoros is made up of an archipelago comprising four main islands (Grande Comores, Anjouan, Mohéli and Mayotte) located at the northern entrance to the Mozambique Channel and covering a total area of 2,236 km².

The authority in charge of immigration is the Ministry of the Interior, Decentralization and Territorial Administration in charge of Relations with Institutions. The General Directorate of Police and National Security is responsible for establishing and issuing, within a reasonable time, civil status documents and travel documents to Comorian citizens and foreigners.

Conditions of entry and stay in the Comoros

The conditions of admission and residence of foreigners on Comorian territory are governed by Law No. 88-025 of December 29, 1988, amending Law No. 82-026 .

To enter the Comoros, all foreigners must have a valid national passport or travel document in lieu thereof and a Comorian visa .

    The diplomatic visa: This type of visa is issued to members of diplomatic and consular missions accredited to the Comoros, holder of a diplomatic passport, their spouse, their ascendants and their married or unmarried minors , living under their roof for the duration of their stay in the Comoros .

    The service visa:

    This type of visa is granted to personnel of diplomatic and consular missions who do not hold a diplomatic passport, soldiers, civil servants, magistrates or other agents as well as their spouses and their minor children, of foreign nationality, who serve in a Comorian public service. or in an organization directly or indirectly attached to the State, under conventions or agreements signed by the Government of the Union of the Comoros.

    The courtesy visa : This type of visa is issued for personalities visiting or on mission in the Comoros

    Conditions for obtaining a Comorian passport

    To obtain a Comorian passport, it is required to go to the General Directorate of Police and Civil Security with the valid biometric national identity card.

    The documents necessary to have the national identity card :

    • Excerpt from birth
    • Nationality certificate ;
    • Residence certificate;
    • An identity photo

    The fees are set as follows:

    • National identity card: 5000 Comorian Francs
    • Passport: 40,000 Comorian Francs