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Access to capital for women in Ethiopia

Lack of access to finance is one of the major barriers facing women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, and even for those women entrepreneurs who are already in business and are skilled in aspects such as production, marketing or sales, limited knowledge in identifying sources of funding for their businesses remains a challenge. This section provides information for Ethiopian women about the products and services of funding organizations which provide free or affordable finance to women entrepreneurs and their basic requirements to access these products and services.


Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP): is a project designed to address the key constraints for growth-oriented women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. WEDP is building the basis for establishing a sustainable women entrepreneurs’ financing mechanism and building the capacity of financial intermediaries to serve that specific market segment. For further information about WEDP see contact information below;

Tel: +251115577227 / +251115585061 or toll free: 8658

Email: edp.addis@gmail.com

Website: www.wedp.webs.com

List of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) working with WEDP


Microfinance Institutions

Location and Telephone No.


Amhara Credit and Saving Institution SC

Bahir Dar, Gondar

058-220-16-51 /52/ or 058-2206590

Mob. 0918-340256/

058-220-16-51 /52/ or 058-2206590

Mob. 0918-340256/


Addis Credit and Saving Institution SC

Addis Ababa & its surroundings

0111-572720 /0118-957027

Mob. 0911-406174



Dedebit Credit and Saving Institution SC

Mekelle, Axum

034 441 9995


Meklit Microfinance Institution SC

Addis Ababa, Adama


Mob. 0911 -318625/0113482183


Metemamen Microfinance

 Addis Ababa, , Adama, Asella


Mob. 0913-460432


Omo Microfinance Institution SC

Hawassa, Dilla


046-2202051/53/ 046-2208028

Mob. 0966 196111


Oromia Credit and Saving Institution SC

Adama, Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Harar, Shashemene

0115-534870/72/ 0115-571159


Mob. 0935987372/0912 16 64 49/0911428568


Specialized Financial and Promotional Inst. (SFPI)

Addis Ababa & its surroundings


Mob.0919913015, 0911625576


Wasasa Microfinance Institution

Adama / Alemgena, Adama, Asella


Mob. 0911-673822/ 0113384133


Vision fund Microfinance Institution SC

Addis Ababa, Adama, Dilla, Hawassa



Agar Microfinance SC

Addis Ababa & its surroundings


Mob 0911-689457


Harbu Microfinance SC

Addis Ababa, Asella

0116-631878 or 0116-185510/0116513834/

0116 61 00 16

Mob 0916-823985/091151 26 33



Enat Bank S.C: is dedicated to helping women succeed in business and personally, by providing products and services to help sustain women-owned SMEs.

Collateral Saving:  in the collateral saving account, you will deposit a certain amount of money that will be blocked for a period of time; and which the Bank uses as a guarantee for women entrepreneurs. The Bank in affiliation with development partners shall work on relevant training and business advisory services for potential beneficiaries of the scheme.

Women Special Loan: The “Enat Loan to women” against cash collateral deposited by willing individuals is a loan for women-owned SMEs, for whom the lack of collateral is a bottleneck to the growth of their business.

Women Savings Account: the “Enat Bank Women Saving Account” is for women who are looking to build their savings habits, and benefit from the highest interest rate provided by the bank, as privileges for women empowerment.

For further information about the Enat Bank’s services click on this link.