Mentorship programs in Ethiopia

A number of institutions in Ethiopia provide young women mentorship programs. As part of their services, mentors share their knowledge and experiences, supporting the mentees to become successful in their chosen field and interests. The following are among these few institutions working on mentorship programs.

Addis Ababa University Mentorship program

The leadership and debate club

The University, through its leadership and debate club, provides mentorship services. This club is established by AAU Gender office in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership in October 2016 and currently providing Leadership training and mentorship program for female students at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, main campus.

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Earuyan Solutions (Earuyan means equality)

Mentorship Mixer series intended to introduce and match female university students in their final year with experienced career and businesswomen in Ethiopia. The underlying philosophy behind the ‘Meri’ (Leader) Mentorship Mixers is that networks are a crucial part of developing various skills and widening the personal and professional horizons of young Ethiopian women with leadership potential.

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University of Gondar/University of Montana Mentorship (GMM) Program for Women

It is a mentoring program that matches experienced female faculty/staff (mentors) at the University of Montana with female participants (mentees) at the University of Gondar. The goal of creating a networking and mentorship platform is to use the expertise of the faculty/staff at UM to provide professional development support for female faculty at the University of Gondar (UoG). The program will

  1. improve the capability of UoG female faculty in regards to research methods and academic writing
  2. increase the awareness of all participants of women’s rights, laws, policies, and strategies as well as the differences between UoG and UM, and
  3. enhance the knowledge and competency of leadership principles, models and qualities of all participants

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xHub Addis

xHub is an initiative of Center for African Leadership Studies that incubates and mentors’ young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into businesses and services. It is created to be a system or environment in which young individuals have the necessary resources to grow and learn from one another and from their coaches and mentors.

xHub started off as an IT incubator where young entrepreneurs come with their IT business ideas and grow them into businesses or tangible products. Information Technology was the first sector that the hub worked in because technology is the way of the future and one of the easiest ways to get out of poverty in a country like Ethiopia with 60% youth population.

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