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Requirements for patent application

☑ a notarized document containing a description of the invention
☑ an abstract and where necessary drawings (the document has to be translated into English)
☑ a notarized and authenticated power of attorney to the patent agent or patent attorney in Ethiopia
☑ the completed patent application forms and;
☑ Payment of the prescribed fee

Contact information

Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office
Kasanchis - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
P.O.Box 25322/1000
Tel: +251 11 552 8000
Fax: +251 11 552 9299
Email: info@eipo.gov.et
Website: http://www.eipo.gov.et

How to acquire a patent in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office is entrusted with the powers of registration and protection of Intellectual property rights, including patents. It is advisable for women entrepreneurs with new ideas of a product or service to patent these ideas in order to safeguard their innovation/invention.

Which inventions can be patented?

What a patent is, types of patents

How to apply for a patent

Patent application, duration and transfer

How much the patent costs

Fees for patents and trademarks