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E-resources and services in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Government Electronic Services Portal has been developed by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to provide electronic public services to citizens, non-citizens, businesses, and governmental & non-governmental organizations. This portal provides services that are provided by various government organizations. You can select a public service from the list to get possible service providers. By selecting a service provider of your choice, you will get detailed instruction on how to request the service.

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Electronic Single Window (ESW System)

The Electronic Single Window (ESW System) is a one-stop service system that allows traders to submit all import, export and transit related requirements within a single electronic gateway. The system is vital in reducing process costs related with application, process delay and duplication of documents as it eliminates redundant input of information, as well as collecting various required confirmation materials such as inspection, verification and approvals from designated authorities.

The system requires subscription of users who are engaged in the international trade sector. In order to subscribe as well as to use the system visit this link

Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC)

Find invaluable business and investment related resources like;

  • Strategic sectors to invest on
  • How to start a business in Ethiopia
  • Incentives, tax information and other procedures
  • Bankable business opportunities of the country

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