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Practical information guide on immigration to Benin

Benin is proving to be a true host country. In addition to the facilities offered to nationals of neighboring countries, to nationals of WAEMU or ECOWAS countries, for several years now, nationals of all African countries no longer need a visa to enter Benin.

Several types of visas can be issued by the authorities of the Directorate of Emigration and Immigration to applicants for immigration. Also the online visa delivery service (e-visa) is developing more and more, as is the online monitoring of the evolution of the services requested.



PO box: 03 BP 3380 Cotonou Address: 1278, avenue Jean-Paul II Quartier Zongo Nima Telephone: (+229) 21 31 56 44 Fax: (+229) 21 31 36 10 E-mail: dei@gouv.bj website : https://dei.gouv.bj/

Visa électronique disponible au Bénin

Benin Immigration Information


Benin Immigration Information

Immigration management

In Benin, immigration is managed by the Department of Emigration and Immigration (DEI). She is responsible for:

  • issue travel and residence permits;
  • ensure the application of legislative and regulatory measures on emigration and immigration in Benin;
  • monitor, control and exploit, in liaison with the other competent services, migratory movements at the borders;
  • ensure airport and maritime security;
  • control the regularity of the stay of foreigners in Benin;
  • fight against illegal immigration.

Services offered by the DEI

  • Passports or travel books: Ordinary biometric passport, ECOWAS travel book, UNHCR travel book, Safe Conduct.
  • Visas: Electronic visa e-visa, long-stay resident visa, long-term business visa, tourist visa, short-stay resident visa, short-term business visa.
  • Resident Card: Temporary Resident Card, Ordinary Resident Card, Privileged Resident Card