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Patenting in Benin

Patenting in Benin

Some benefits of patenting

Patenting provides several advantages to entrepreneurs.

This is :

  • a wealth of information to follow the evolution of its technological field;
  • a tool for gaining credibility and self-esteem;
  • a tool to manage competition;
  • a tool to deter mimicry, identical copying or falsification.

How is patenting done in Benin?

The applicant for a patent of invention submits his request to the General Directorate of the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization).

The invention is then subject to:

  • formal review and compliance of claims;
  • a substantive examination aimed at establishing that this invention or this product does not duplicate a patent already drafted benefiting from prior protection;
  • of an examination proving its innovative character: it is new and results from an inventive activity.

OAPI/ANAPI services

ANaPI is a specialized structure of the Ministry in charge of industry and trade. It is responsible for protecting inventions, industrial designs or models, trademarks, trade names, etc. through industrial property titles issued by the OAPI and giving holders exclusive exploitation rights, it meets the needs of researchers and others, namely: limiting counterfeiting and punishing non-compliance with the industrial property code.

The issue of a title by the OAPI automatically gives rise to rights valid in all the Member States. For effective protection of his invention or product, the inventor submits a patent application to OAPI or its liaison structure. The components of a patent application are: a request (form B101), a sealed envelope containing two copies, a description of the subject of the invention, claims, drawing plates, a descriptive abstract of the subject of the invention, proof of payment of the required fees, a power of attorney if the applicant is represented by an agent.