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Rwanda has put in place mechanisms to promote financial inclusion.

A National Financial Inclusion Strategy that is focusing on products and opportunities dedicated to helping women and girls to access capital has been developed and adopted.

The Rwandan Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning is now working with different Financial institutions in the efforts to promote financial inclusion.  

The country has also initiated the Business Development Fund (BDF) which is providing guarantees and grants to accompany the ongoing financial inclusion initiatives with a deliberate effort targeting marginalised women and young girls.

In the same line, the Ministry of gender and family promotion (MIGEPROF ) and Ministry of ICT and innovation (MINICT) are initiating a Women and youth Investment Facility (WYIF) for new startups mostly emerging women and youth entrepreneurs.

AB Bank Rwanda

offers a wide range of financial products and solutions that serve both retail and corporate clients

Bank of Kigali Group PLC

offers collateral free loans and business advisory services to women in business


mobilizes and collects savings from clients and offers loans products. Loans are provided to all people especially women who are the target group

Business Development Fund

As part of the financial infrastructure to promote SMEs, BDF was established in 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), with the objective of assisting SMEs to...




The African Development Bank partners with EAC, COMESA & ECOWAS Regional economic blocks to implement the 50 Million African Women Speak Networking Platform Project.The platform is intended to empower millions of women in Africa to start, grow, and scale up businesses by providing a one-stop shop for their specific information needs. Click on the image for more information


50MAWS Project engages East African Financial institutions for more financial inclusion. Click on the photo above for the full story