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Quick information guide

Patent application checklist:

  • Payment receipt (original);
  • Patent application letter (addressed to the Registrar General);
  • Duly filled and signed Patent application form;
  • Description of the invention - see Articles 25 and 26 of Intellectual Property Law. (Should include a summary stating the distinctive characters which constitute the innovation of the invention);
  • Abstract - see Article 27 of Intellectual Property Law;
  • Drawings, models, or samples (as many as necessary to the intelligence of description); and
  • Proof of identity (original + single copy) of the applicant (passport or national ID)


Rwanda Development Board
KN 5 Rd, KG 9 Ave
Tel (Local): 1415
Tel:(International): +250 727775170



Patenting Services in Rwanda

The approach to patents under the Rwanda Intellectual Property (IP) Law  follows the standard approach in line with the requirements of the WTO’s TRIPS Agreement.

The statute defines the criteria for patentability, the scope of patentable subject matter, the rights conferred by a patent and exceptions.

In Rwanda all patent services are available online.

An applicant also has the options of visiting the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) offices in Kigali.

Patent right registration certificate is renewable every year after the filing date of the patent application.

Patent application procedure

7 steps of the patent application procedure

Patent Costs

Costs associated to patent application and renewal