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Connect to Legal Aid Forum, a pool of 36 legal services providers in Rwanda


  • National NGOs
  • International NGOs,
  • professional bodies,
  •  universities,
  • legal aid clinics,
  • faith based organizations, and
  • trade unions

Legal aid services provided:

  • Advocacy for access to justice for vulnerable and poor people.
  • Free legal representation in court to poor and vulnerable people
  • Prevention and early resolution of legal problems
  • Research and analysis on delivery of legal aid services

Beneficiary eligibility

The representation in courts of law of the cases of poor and vulnerable persons are identified on basis of:

  • Beneficiary’s financial situation;
  • Nature and seriousness of their problem; and
  • Individual circumstances.



Since 2006, the Legal Aid Forum (LAF) was established in Rwanda as a non-governmental organisation created to provide a space where organizations that wish to provide legal aid to indigent and vulnerable groups can do it.

LAF is currently composed of 36 Organisations that include national and international NGOs, professional bodies, universities, legal aid clinics, faith-based organizations, and trade unions that provide or support legal aid services to the indigent and vulnerable population of Rwanda.

The aforementioned organisations are now sharing information, best practices and collaborating in capacity building, research, and evidence-based advocacy.

LAF has become since its creation a non-government organisation that supports Rwanda’s commitment to universal and timely access to justice

. Other services Provided

  1. Capacity Building in:
  • Strategic planning and project drafting
  • Advocacy, lobbying and networking
  • Proposal writing and fundraising
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Leadership and change management
  • Designing an organizational strategic plan
  • English language skills

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2. Research and Advocacy

Research documents produced are being used by the Legal Aid Forum members and policy makers in Rwanda to shape policy, decide interventions, and measure progress.

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ICT for Justice

The LAF’s information and communication technology for Justice programme is helping to increase the responsiveness of Rwanda’s justice services towards the concerns of citizens, especially women, regarding the provision of justice services.

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Who else to contact?

Seekers of legal services can also contact the following institutions for help:

  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Rwanda Investigation Bureau;
  • Rwanda Bar Association; or
  • Rwanda Women lawyers

Events organized beneficial to women in business

A Legal aid week is jointly and annually organized by the Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST), the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), the Legal Aid Forum and the Rwanda Bar Association for the provision of legal aid services to the population, mainly the poor and vulnerable.