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Documents required 

  • Export Customs Clearance documents;
  • Customs Entry document;
  • Customs bond
  • Legal undertaking
  • Customs declarations 
  • Export License
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Certificates of inspection (Description of goods, Technical specifications, Quantity, Price, Payment terms, Delivery time etc).
  • Payment guarantee (confirm with your bank on validity


email: https://naeb.gov.rw

          Hotline: 3800


The Rwanda Exporters Development Program (REDP) facilitates development of export capacities as well as technical assistance to Rwandan exporters.

The demand for Rwanda’s tradition exports - coffee, tea, and minerals, remains high in the regional and international markets. It is estimated that 55.3% of workers in the tourism industry are female. As one of the most significant tradable sectors, tourism, exhibits significant growth potential in Rwanda.

Rwanda enjoys duty free access under the More Favoured Nation (MFN) status to most major markets for the aforementioned businesses.

An assessment of regional and international markets shows that there is also a potential for Rwanda’s non-traditional exports. Non-traditional exports from Rwanda include live animals and animal produce, vegetable produce, agro-processed goods, manufactured goods as well as hides and skins.

Ministry of Trade and Industry has also launched a campaign dubbed “Made in Rwanda” with the objective of promoting local products and reducing the country’s trade deficit.

In exporting, the exporter provides the standard requirements of the products recognized by Rwanda Bureau of Standards.

Export market penetration strategies

  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Trade missions for market linkages
  • Market information gathering

Services beneficial to women exporters

  • NAEB pays the exhibition booth/stands
  • Sometimes transport up keep for market linkages trips.

Export Procedure

The exporter must meet the requirements set by the Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS)

License for coffee, tea and horticulture

The National Agricultural Export Development Board is the authority in charge