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Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority
P.O Box: 433 Kigali, Rwanda
Email: info@rlma.rw
Toll free: 2142
Nyarugenge pension plaza(NPP) Basement 2
Sopetrade KN 3rd Road

The government approved the Rwanda National Land Use Development Master Plan in 2010 and other urban and human settlement planning tools.

Land reform initiatives in Rwanda have supported women and men to attain equal rights and enjoyment over their land properties. The law states that both boys and girls have the same rights to inherit property from their parents. From this, both men and women are able to own land with titles registered in their names.

According to Rwanda's Department of Land and Mapping, women own the highest number of registered land plots in its capital, Kigali.

This has facilitated women to access loans from different financial institutions, and enabling them to engage in income generating activities.