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  • VSLAS (Village Saving & Loan Associations)

According to Care International report 2017,

  • 77% of VSLAs groups members in Rwanda are women

Training needs for VSLAs identified by development supporters

  • VSLA formation
  • Financial literacy
  • Entreprise management/entrepreneurship
  • Business mentorship
  • Good and viable agriculture practices


Village savings and loans associations (VSLAs) approach is a micro credit model under which 25-30 members meet in a self-managed group once a week to save and borrow money. 

This approach has played a key role in providing access to financial services for women who don't have bank accounts. 

This programme is improving family members' well-being as they can borrow small loans to invest in income generating activities, or respond to emergencies instantly.

After years of engaging in weekly savings and loans, members become empowered and are able to engage formal financial institutions for bank account creation. Their savings become more secure and these women can access bigger loans for bigger businesses.

The Rwandan government in partnership with different stakeholders is investing in empowerment of these grassroots organisations to promote financial inclusion.  


CARE supports VSLAs with a range of skills that includes VSLAs formation, book keeping and others