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The Rwanda National Police

Preventing Gender Based Violence

One Stop Center is operated by the National Police to address cases of gender-based violence

Conducting Business in Rwanda

Safe routes and hours

Reproductive health and rights

Rwanda is working to provide health care services that are people-centered, integrated and sustainable

Prevention and management of HIV/AIDs

Country's guiding development strategy focuses on prevention, control, and mitigation of HIV/AIDS to achieve long-term development

Vaccinations and diseases outbreaks

Yellow fever and other vaccinations

Facilities and Services that assist women

3 elected volunteers are acting as Community Health Workers for each village
1. Security
The government of Rwanda has put in place various strategies to further combat Gender Based Violence (GBV) and child abuse including the scaling up of the Isange One Stop Centre to all district hospitals across the country since 2017.
Isange One Stop Centre started in July 2009 at Kacyiru Police Hospital (KPH) as a pilot project to provide free psycho-socio, medical and legal services to adult and child survivors of gender based violence and child abuse.

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) has been at the forefront in the fight against GBV and child abuse. Many awareness campaigns are frequently organized by the Rwanda National Police in partnership with the Ministries of Family and Gender Promotion, Health and Justice to further loop the general public to prevent the vice.

Rwandans have been called upon to stand up against gender based violence and child abuse which are still among the common crimes committed in communities.

Hotlines to call on in a case of: 

Emergency: 112

Abuse by police officer: 3511

Gender based violence: 3512:  

Child help line: 116:  

Anti-corruption: 997

2. Health

According to Article 41 of the Rwanda Constitution ,amended in 2015, health is a Human Right.

“All citizens have rights and duties relating to health. The State has the duty of mobilizing the population for activities aimed at promoting good health and to assist in the implementation of these activities. All citizens have the right of equal access to public services in accordance with their competence and abilities.”


Ministry of Health
KN 3 Rd, Kigali

Rwanda Biomedical Center 114/1110
In case of emergency

SAMU/Ambulances 912