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Access to land in Cape Verde


The Government of Cape Verde has agreed with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to finance the program for the promotion of rural socio-economic opportunities (OPORTUNIDADES or POSER), which invests heavily in income and employment activities, as well as in training and capacity building.

POSER is part of the national poverty reduction program, which enables governments, municipalities, civil society organizations, the private sector and external partners to collaborate and coordinate their efforts for coherence and synergy for a sustainable reduction. of poverty in Cape Verde, in line with the economic growth and poverty reduction strategy III.

POSER is based on the philosophy that the community leads its own development, as well as the momentum acquired by Community Development Associations (CDAs).


The program operates in the same islands/regions as its predecessor, the Rural Poverty Alleviation Program, in rural communities on the islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava.


The definition of the target groups is based on the experience of the previous program (PLPR), which made it possible to identify the poorest groups. With regard to the beneficiaries, their selection is made within the ACDs on the basis of criteria previously shared and which are linked to the target groups:

Women, especially heads of households; Young people without jobs and without access to credit; Individuals or households selected on the basis of poverty criteria.


Contribute to improving the living conditions of the poor rural population.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES : To contribute to increased rural incomes by promoting the creation of inclusive and sustainable socio-economic opportunities in rural areas;

Promote long-term employment for the rural poor (especially women and youth);


Poser seeks to promote activities that generate income and employment. Among the most accomplished activities are:

• training and human resource training actions targeting girls and women in partnership with ICIEG

• Fairs of agricultural products, ornamental plants and livestock as a means of promoting income-generating activities and the sale of products.