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Access to legal aid in Cape Verde

Legal assistance in Cape Verde

At the governmental level, legal aid is guaranteed, which is a principle enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic which aims to guarantee that no one is prevented or prevented from knowing his rights, because of his social or cultural condition or because insufficient economic resources. as well as to protect or defend them.

Legal assistance includes two modalities:

Legal information aimed at promoting knowledge of human rights and civil rights as well as national law with a view to guaranteeing better exercise of rights and fulfillment of legally established duties;

Legal consultation aimed at informing citizens of their rights and duties with regard to a specific case of their daily life.

All information about


Unfortunately, law houses do not exist, but all information can be obtained through contacts on the Department of Justice and Labor page.


Some of the most common microfinance associations providing legal aid services

MORABI - Cape Verdean Association for the Advancement of Women, NGO created on March 28, 1992, whose main mission is to promote the integration and improvement of the social position of Cape Verdean women from a gender perspective, in promoting their participation in the process of economic, social and social development. Community and national policies aimed at improving the living conditions of families through the following programs:

OMCV - The Women's Organization of Cape Verde, a microfinance institution created 38 years ago, precisely on March 27, on the occasion of Women's Day in Cape Verde, also provides legal advice to its clients. The institution has worked extensively on the socio-economic and political empowerment of Cape Verdean women. In addition, he has also worked in the implementation of microfinance projects to create more opportunities for women in setting up their businesses. quot

CITI - HABITAT - All information on

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